Are Jews Parasites?

It has been claimed to me that Jews are inherently parasitic. Is this true? Probably not, let’s look at the evidence.

The main evidence that Jews are inherently parasitic is the fact that Jews are heavily involved in jobs and professions like law and finance where workers seem to be just shuffling paper and getting rich while not actually producing anything.

However, it seems pretty clear to me that these sorts of jobs are actually very important. For example, if you want to build a modern factory or chip fabrication plant, you need a lot of fancy contracts to organize all of the workers and contractors involved. You also need bankers to raise capital. An informal arrangement might work for a small project, like two buddies opening a sandwich shop together but for something involving thousands of people and entities and millions of dollars of investment, you need bankers and lawyers.

I would imagine that a lot of the blacks in Zimbabwe used to think that the White farmers were just parasites; sitting back counting their money while the blacks did all the hard work. And yet without whites, those farms came grinding to a halt. Which just goes to show that just because your hands aren’t getting dirty doesn’t mean you are a parasite.

At the same time, there is one piece of evidence that Jews are not inherently parasitic, which is that we now have a country — Israel — which is overwhelmingly Jewish but which does pretty well economically. Would the Jews starve without the Arabs? Of course not.

Now, you might respond that Israel uses a lot of non-Jewish labor, but it doesn’t follow that Israeli Jews are parasites and in any event, similar things could be said about a lot of industrialized countries. For example, there are a lot of Filipino and Bengali workers in Japan and a lot of Turkish workers in Germany. There are a lot of Black and Hispanic workers in the US. Does this mean that Japanese and Germans are parasites? Does this mean that White Americans are parasites? I don’t think so.

What about the fact that some Jews feel that Jews are superior and Gentiles should be serving Jews?  Well first of all, there are supremacists in most groups and it doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of the group as a whole.  More importantly, one’s view of how things should be doesn’t necessarily reflect how things are.  If I believe that Alessandra Toressoni should be my sex slave, it doesn’t make it so.


21 Responses to “Are Jews Parasites?”

  1. Pat Says:


    Next question.

    [Fortaleza84: Is that based on any actual evidence or arguments? Or just your dislike of Jewish people?]

  2. Pat Says:


    [Fortaleza84: Then please summarize your best evidence and arguments.]

  3. Frank Stein Says:

    Let’s say there was a group that benefited from being able to influence the ruling class by getting obtuse barriers to entry imposed, regulating more and more of everyday life and making it lucrative for those skilled at pushing paper around and navigating the ever increasing and complex managerial state. Their success lies in being adept in getting around the rules of the game they imposed on a freer society, and thus the more self-aware outsiders (with respect to that group) may come to see that group as parasitic on organic civilization.

    In other words, it is not natural to require an army of paper pushers in order to open a store to sell bread, but it is the way of the world now.

    [Fortaleza84: In any modern industrialized society, you need hundreds if not thousands of pieces of paper in order to sell bread. Health codes; fire codes; liability insurance; commercial leases; the list goes on and on. All of these things are necessary in order to have a reasonably safe workplace; bread that’s reasonably safe to consume; to regulate the relationships of the literally thousands of people who are involved in the creation of each loaf of bread.]

    I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to guess which group would best fit that description, given the historical record.

  4. Frank N. Stein Says:

    Paper in and of itself does not guarantee anything, except an artificial career for hordes of bureaucrats and hanger-ons (lawyers). Hence the reference to the managerial state. If you think that ‘modern industrialized society’ fundamentally changes the nature of bread-making, I’d say you don’t understand bread-making. So no, all the codes and regulations are not necessary, they have been imposed as rent-seeking behavior by an increasingly centralized and powerful leviathan. And what group may be historically over-represented in such rent-seeking fields? Hmm…

    [Fortaleza84: Please explain how a bakery in an industrialized nation would operate without thousands of pieces of paper. Would the bakery be organized as a corporation? Would it carry fire insurance? Worker’s compensation insurance? Would it comply with health codes? fire codes? Would there be a commercial lease for the premises? ]

  5. Pat Hannagan Says:

    This is an excellent analogy by Stein, beautiful in its simplicity.

    Bakeries existed long before industrialised nations existed Sabril. Please explain how a bakery in an industrialized nation would operate without thousands of pieces of paper. Bakeries would operate as they did before and as they do in other parts of the world without your thousands of pieces of paper.

    [fortaleza84: Would you rather buy bread in (1) a bakery which is inspected once in a while to make sure that the baking floor is not full of rat droppings; or (2) a bakery which is not so inspected? Would you rather buy bread in a society where 14 year old children regularly lose fingers in bakery mixing machines or one where they do not? Or perhaps you would prefer bakeries which don’t use electricity at all but instead everything is done by hand?

    In a way it’s surprising that a White Nationalist would prefer the way bread is baked in Mogadishu to the way it is done in Melbourne.]

    Another example would be breweries. They have existed for a thousand years all without the thousand pieces of paper you need to provide your income.

    [Fortaleza84: So you would have no problem with breweries which did not have to conform to health and fire codes? Which did not have to carry insurance? Which could just dump waste products into a nearby river?]

    In my own lifetime I’ve seen the local kids playground go from a place of kids playing without thousands of pieces of paper to thousands of pieces of paper and no kids playing.

    [Fortaleza84: Nonsense, Australia has had lots of laws and regulations for at least a hundred years. You think that insurance did not exist 50 years ago? You think there were no written deeds 50 years ago? You think there were not laws to prevent vagrants from sqatting in public parks 50 years ago? GMAB]

  6. Albert Says:

    The jews may have their own country, but who apid for it? It was the U.S. government and the taxes of mostly non jewish working people. [fortaleza84: Before 1948? Please give me cites. After 1948? Peanuts compared to what the US did and does for Germany, Italy, France, South Korea, etc.]

  7. Albert Says:

    The jews may have their own country, but who paid for it? It was the U.S. government and the taxes of mostly non jewish working people.

    [fortaleza84: US government support for Israel is pretty minimal compared to Israeli GDP. Israel could do just fine without such support. ]

  8. jjsnorty Says:

    jews are giant psychopath scum. period.

    [fortaleza84: Lol, a brilliant argument.]

  9. Peacebringer Says:

    Maybe you should ask yourself why you’re defending a group of 14 million people committing genocide on a daily basis in their own country and enslaving the rest of the world with their banks. Why are they in your head?

    [fortaleza84: Ummm, because the Jews are NOT in fact committing genocide or enslaving the world? But let’s do this: Please tell me (1) What EXACTLY Jews are doing at the moment to commit genocide / enslave the world; and (2) What is the main evidence to support your claim?]

    The story of Jesus is as current as it was 2000 years ago – a man who breaks out of the jewish system is forced to suffer.

    Btw about your comment-comments above – no, I would not have a problem eating 2000 years old bread.

    But I do have problems eating most of today’s food as it is poisoned like our water and our air.

  10. I dislike kikes Says:

    Jews are parasites. They weasel their way into positions where they become wealthy without providing any goods or services, and extort money from the working man. [. . . ]

    Fortaleza84: Lol, that’s EXACTLY how black Zimbabweans felt about white farmers. But anyway, what is your evidence for this claim?. I guess your claim is more based on emotion than logic. You hate Jewish people and so you make assertions like this. But let’s see your evidence.

  11. shadowmasterminds Says:

    @Fortaleza84, You sound like a fucking robot, obeying logic and not defying it. It’s so boring. Not to mention, You’re mediating two opposing thesies (Fact and belief.). That’s hegelian logic.

    [Fortaleza84: I have no idea what your point is here. Let’s do this. Do you think there is a flaw in my argument or not? If so, please give me the specifics about what is wrong with the argument.]

    And yes, I too think that Jews are parasitic bastards who commit genocide on a daily basis. Their Talmud says it as well. They admit it themselves openly, but sadly, many such as yourself won’t pick up on this.

    [Fortaleza84: Then what did the Jews do today to “commit genocide.” Please give specifics.]

    • shadowmasterminds Says:

      Yes, I think there’s a flaw in your argument. You say that Jews are not parasites because you haven’t researched and looked deep enough on the Jew. Second, Jews are not a religion. A religion does not cause a disease. Third, your argument is compared to the lines “A demonic spirit can possess anyone.” Fourth, the only supremacist here on this planet are Jewish Kikes. THEY have sold everyone onto that idea that Europeans, blacks, and latinos have also been supremacists as well when in reality, Europe were sibling nations.

      [Fortaleza84: I don’t understand your point. Let’s do this: Please quote the specific part of my argument which you feel is flawed and explain exactly what the flaw is. It’s not enough to just assert conclusions like “you haven’t researched and looked deep enough.” Please provide specifics.]

      As for the fact that Jews commit genocide, they fucking perform ritual murder. Are you telling me that these same bastards, who have done nothing but steal, cheat, and, lie for centuries, have redeemed themselves? My answer is no.

      [Fortaleza84: I am asking you to provide specifics. You assert that Jews commit “genocide” and “ritual murder” every day. Please tell me who was murdered in the last few days. Please provide the names of the victims, the names of the perpetrators, where the murders were carried out, and what method was used.]

  12. Sebby Says:

    America went from being a prosperous country with American born non-jewish politicians at the helm to a country on the verge of economic and social collapse with a high jewish zionist run government going into endless wars and overtaxing the people into complete poverty, all the while funding Israel more and more while being completely in debt and unable to pay for it.

    fortaleza84: Oh really? I have just two questions: (1) When was the last year in which “American born non-Jewish politicians” were at the helm of the USA? (2) What was the GDP in that year?

    CASE CLOSED. Now go back to Israel and tell your masters you failed. Nice try you zionist hasbara.

    fortaleza84: Lol, sounds like you have no interest at all in subjecting your ridiculous claims to scrutiny. Because your argument is based on emotion as opposed to facts and logic. You hate and envy Jews just like so many Black activists hate and envy White people.

  13. Angry Brit Says:

    So we need jew bankers to invent money from thin air (fractional reserve banking,rehypothecation etc etc) because they are highly skilled in this.

    [fortaleza84: Not necessarily. There are plenty of gentile bankers too.]

    So they’re highly skilled in fraud,deception and parasiting off others.We need jew lawyers to tie people up in legal bs whilst protecting the tribe……more deception,fraud etc.

    [fortaleza84: If you don’t like having a lot of lawyers, why not move to some part of the world where disputes are settled with AK-47s. See how you like it.]

    You answered your own question re “are jews parasites” and you obviously are one.Well enjoy yourself because the dog that is mankind is about to scratch the tick that is judaism from it’s back.The last “hollocaust” was a jewish invention.The one to come will be very very real.So enjoy the death,poverty and moral corruption your race has inflicted on humanity because you’ve made us into animals and animals have no compassion for their prey.

    [fortaleza84: Lol, you are exactly like the blacks of Zimbabwe. Stupid, envious, and eager to scapegoat.]

  14. Sebby Says:

    You must really be a sick individual or a hard core zionist if you can’t or don’t see that Americans are suffering economically and the United States is in no position to WASTE money on parasitic Israel.

    [fortaleza84: I asked you two simple questions, and of course you ignored them. Because you know perfectly well that America is far wealthier today than it was in the mythical past you have invented. Instead, you “weasel,” i.e. you pretend that you said something different from what you actually said. To be sure one could argue that America doesn’t have the money to spend on Israel. But in that case, one would need to ask why the US is spending billions by stationing actual troops in places like South Korea, Bahrain, Turkey, and the UK. Well, only if one were actually concerned about money. Which you are obviously not since you couldn’t care less about the money the US spends in countries besides Israel.

    Anyway, there are rules at this blog. One rule is that you must answer simple, reasonable questions to explicate your position. Another rule is that you cannot weasel, i.e. change your position while pretending that you haven’t. You have violated both rules so I am banning you. All of your remaining drivel will be deleted. Goodbye, liar.]

    [drivel deleted]

  15. GobacktoISraelyouRATS Says:

    Welcome to the zionist website where truth is destroyed to show you foolish AMERICAN PLANTATION N*GGERS that jews really aren’t destroying your country. All pertinant information will be deleted by perhaps the most disgusting zionist piece of crap that ever existed.

    [fortaleza84: Nothing is deleted so long as the poster in question follows my rules of debate. Please provide a specific example of “pertinent information” which was deleted.]

    His name is fortalez84, zionist extrodinaire. When you provide facts, you can bet this piece of zionist crap will delete your “drivel”.

    Don’t bother posting on this garbage zionist site, it’s obviously run by parasitic jewish zionist who are asking a question they already know the answer to.

    [fortaleza84: Don’t bother posting unless you are prepared to have your argument exposed to scrutiny.

  16. anderekijk Says:

    There is big difference between white farmers in Zimbabwe and the jews in the white nations. The white farmers produce, they create, they provide a country with food and its people with jobs. Blacks are unable to feed themselves and maintain a nation state. If it wasn’t for whites, they’d still be dying like flies and eating each other.
    American blacks, no matter how they hate whitey, have an infinitely better quality of life than blacks in their own countries.
    Jews are a different story. You say that jews are to whites what whites are to blacks.

    fortaleza84: No, I don’t say the relationship is analogous in all respects.

    It might seem so for a jew who can’t see further than the end of his nose. However, whites don’t need jews.

    fortaleza84: I agree with this, but it does not undermine my argument. Whites do not need Jews, but on the other hand Jews are not parasites. There is a category besides “unnecessary” and “parasite.”

    We are perfectly capable of having a high standard of life without you. Russia was a wonderful country with a thriving culture until the judeo-bolsheviks took over and murdered millions.
    The Third Reich is perhaps the best example of a nation getting a jew of its back creating wealth and progress. Germany was in a terrible crisis, with millions starving. Jewish perversion in Berlin was as bad as it is now in Hollywood. The NSDAP said screw this artificial crisis. Millions got jobs, German technology became the most advanced, etc. Without the jews.

    [Fortaleza84: You are conflating two separate arguments/claims. The first, which is correct, is that Jews are not necessary for a nation to succeed. The second is that Jews are responsible for the problems Russia and Germany had. You have not supplied any evidence at all to support this claim. Please do so.]

    It’s also interesting to note the after some Italian cities kicked out the jews in the 14th and 15th centuries, the renaissance began. Might be a coincidence, might not…

    [Fortaleza84: Please provide three examples, along with dates, cites, and links]

    Let’s take a typical jewish nationwrecker today, e.g. a “Russian” oligarch. They scammed billions out of the Russian people and hid away in the West and Israel. Jews don’t create wealth, they steal it.

    [Fortaleza84: What’s your evidence to support this claim? A few anecdotal examples of Jewish financial criminals? Anything else or is that pretty much it?]

    Another good example is the Enron case. Andrew Fastow (a jew), made it seem like the company was doing great. Smart jewboy. Well, we all know how that ended.
    You also wrote that jews cant be parasites because they have their own nation now. Well, why do less than half of the jews live in that nation? You all find it much too convenient to have two nationalities and to disappear to Israel before the police catches up with you.

    [fortaleza84: That makes no sense at all. What matters for my argument is the percentage of Israelis who are Jewish, not the percentage of Jews who are Israeli.]

  17. anderekijk Says:

    Fortaleza84: Please provide three examples, along with dates, cites, and links
    This is a list of 109 locations the jews have been kicked out of that is circulating on WN websites.
    1485 Vincenza, 1492 Italy, 1496 Naples, 1515 Genoa, etc. Corrupt rulers have always let them back in, so some places appear more than once.

    [fortaleza84: Then your argument makes no sense at all — unless you can show that the Rennaissance came and went at the same times that the Jews were coming and going.]

    fortaleza84: That makes no sense at all. What matters for my argument is the percentage of Israelis who are Jewish, not the percentage of Jews who are Israeli.

    I believe that Jews are capable of taking care of themselves in their own country. Although they do derive a very significant part of their income from US foreign aid (Jewish lobbies spend millions and earn billions for Israel), from German and other European “Holocaust reparations” and other scams. Many wealthy Jewish investors, like Bernard Madoff are also philanthropists, they donate vast sums of money to Israel and Jewish organizations.
    The fact that most Israelis are jews and the assumption that they’d be able to provide for themselves, doesn’t prove that they’re not parasitic in nature. Most jews still prefer to live in other countries, leeching of their host people.

    [fortaleza84: Do you have any proof of this or evidence besides anecdotal cites of Jewish financial criminals? Also, what percentage of Israel’s GDP comes from this foreign aid you refer to?]

    An example that mentioned earlier, the “Russian” Jewish oligarchs, shows this very clearly. Most of the oligarchs are jews.
    This overview doesn’t include all of them. Two other well known oligarchs are Leonid Nevzlin and Boris Berezovsky. Nevzlin lives now in Tel Aviv. If it wasn’t for the jews, the Russian people’d be better off today.

    Fortaleza84: What’s your evidence to support this claim? A few anecdotal examples of Jewish financial criminals? Anything else or is that pretty much it?

    Every time there’s a really big financial scandal, you’re very likely to find a jew at its center. This is because the jews feel no guilt towards other people. They only want to do “what is good for the jews”.
    Check out this page:
    It reads like the guest list of a Jewish wedding. Funny that the page is available only in English and Hebrew.
    Of course not every jew is a financial criminal and not all financial criminals are jews. There is however a very significant correlation.

    [fortaleza84: Just so we are clear, your evidence for the claim that “Jews don’t create wealth, they steal it” is the fact that financial criminals are disproportionately Jewish. Correct?

    Also, do you agree that Nobel-prize winning scientists are disproportionately Jewish? And if so, do you agree that this is evidence for the claim that Jews create scientific progress?]

    [Fortaleza84: The second is that Jews are responsible for the problems Russia and Germany had. You have not supplied any evidence at all to support this claim. Please do so.]

    Communism is the worst thing that ever happened to this planet. Communists killed tens of millions in the former Soviet Union, in China, Eastern Europe and other places. Now the ADL says that linking Jews to Communism is an old antisemitic canard, but the facts disagree.
    Communist ideology originated in Jewish minds (Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky), the “Russian” Communist revolution was financed by capitalist Jewish bankers (Jacob Schiff, Olof Aschberg a.o.)
    , and lots of the most prominent Communists were Jews, e.g. Lazar Kaganovich, Ilya Ehrenburg, Genrikh Yagoda, etc. Also in other countries communist parties were led by jews. Germany had in the Weimar years a very serious problem with Jewish communists, they even took over Bavaria for a while. In Hungary the jew Bela Kun ruled with terror.
    National Socialism was the natural reaction against the dangers of Jewish Communism.
    Not all Communists were Jews and not all Jews were Communists. Still, without the Jews there wouldn’t have been a Communist revolution in Russia.

    [fortaleza84: Please show proof that the National Socialists would not have come to power in German absent communism. Please show proof that Communism would not have taken power in Russia without Jews. Please show proof that Germany would not have gotten involved in World War II without Communism. Not assertions, proof.]
    Of course the Jewish controlled media doesn’t want us to know about the communist atrocities. Not then and not today. It’s not “good for the jews” to divert attention from the profitable guilt and extortion “holocaust” racket and to expose some of the worst murderers in history as jews.

    [fortaleza84: Please show proof that the media is “Jewish controlled.”]

  18. anderekijk Says:

    Fortaleza, you have a point there about the expulsions from Italy. I haven’t looked that much into that era and I might have jumped to the conclusion too quickly. Still, I am not surprised if the expulsion did stimulate people to become more creative.
    Yes, the fact that financial criminals are disproportionately Jewish is one part of the claim that Jews don’t create wealth. Apart from that, many Jews who do earn an “honest” living, don’t create anything. They destroy. Look at who runs the media, the casinos, the slave trade, etc. If a degenerate movie becomes a box-office hit, it does increase GDP, but it harms society.

    [fortaleza84: Ok, just so we are clear, your claim that “Jews don’t create wealth, they steal it” is based on (1) the claim that financial criminals are disproportionately Jewish, and (2) the claim that “many” Jews hold positions of leadership in industries which “don’t create anything.” You have no other evidence or support for your claim. Do I understand you correctly?]

    The listing of Jewish financial criminals is not anecdotal, there is a pattern. There is a significant correlation between Jewishness and financial crime.

    [fortaleza84: Well do you agree that Jews are disproportionately involved in finance — criminal or not?]

    Just as there is a correlation between the safety of a neighborhood and the number of blacks in it.
    There are more reasons for this. Ashkenazi Jews are on average smarter than the average white, Asian or black. This can be partly genetic and partly cultural (Jewish families value education). Another, more important reason is that Jews have a different set of morals for the in-group as for the out-group. The Talmud says that it’s okay for a Jew to cheat the Goy.

    [fortaleza84: If that’s the case, then it should be unusual for Jewish financial criminals to cheat other Jews. Agreed?]

    Ethnic networking is one of the reasons why many Jews end up in high financial positions.

    [fortaleza84: Is it an important reason? If so, please show proof. And assuming it’s true, what difference does it make to your argument?]

    Fortaleza, I agree that more Nobel prize winners are Jewish than of any other racial background. 22% of all prizes went to Jews. Without the 13 for Literature, 9 Peace prizes and 26 Economy prizes (categories that aren’t really worth anything), they still got a 135 prizes. That’s impressive.
    The Jews got 12.7 Nobel prizes/ million Jews. Number 2 is (surprise) the Swedes. 3.3/million. Are the Swedes really that inventive, or does the Swedish jury read more Swedish publications than, let’s say, Chinese publications?

    [fortaleza84: Ok, so you agree that Jews create scientific progress?]

    Of course many of those prizes are deserved, but there still is a Jewish bias. Chairman of the Nobel comity is the Jew Marcus Storch. And imagine the power of the Jewish owned press in steering the opinion of the jury and the public.

    [fortaleza84: Please give 3 examples of the “Jewish owned press” steering opinion, resulting in a Jew receiving a Nobel prize which would otherwise have gone to a Gentile. Please also show proof that the number of Jews receiving Nobel Prizes rose significantly as a result of Marcus Storch’s holding of office.]

    I’m going to write a second reply, in which I hope to answer your other answers. First I’ll have a coffee.

  19. anderekijk Says:

    Although I just showed that Jewish over representation among Nobel prize winners may not be altogether due to Jewish genius, it’s true that many winners are Jews. As are financial fraudsters, as are top-level chess players, as are neo-cons, as are marxists, as are “civil rights” activists, as are election contributors, as are media bosses, as are organ traffickers.

    [fortaleza84: Assuming all that is true, so what?

    This brings me to one of your other questions “show that the media is Jewish controlled”. Here’s one of your tribesmen admitting it,,0,2339294.column

    [fortaleza84: So your argument is that (1) leadership in Hollywood is primarily Jewish and therefore (2) Jews control pretty much all media including newspapers and news television shows. Do I understand you correctly?]

    And that’s just Hollywood. Most of the major news networks and papers are also in Jewish hands. And not only in the US. And unlike the so-called nazi gas-chambers, Jewish media control has been extensively documented. Anyone can look it up and verify it.

    [fortaleza84: It’s not my responsibility to go looking for evidence to support your claims, it’s yours. Please do so. In other words, put up or shut up.]

    Now, you might distinguish between owning/managing the media and controlling it (and using it for malicious purposes). Still, we see the media isn’t objective. It promotes race-mixing, it overplays white-on-black crime and straight-on-homo crime (labeled hate-crimes after ADL lobbying), under-reports black-on-white crime, it promotes homosexuality, pedophilia and white guilt. Jewish record labels promote degenerate jungle music advertising a life of drugs, crime, rape and materialism to young blacks and whiggers. Every day there’s some program on tv on the Holocaust and the evils of Hitler, and never about the evils of the Jewish communist rulers, or about Jewish terrorist attacks.
    When Marlon Brando, a complete and willing lackey to the Jews, said on David Letterman that the Jews control Hollywood they called him a hater and an antisemite. He even said he was happy they controlled it. But no, it may not be mentioned. So they threatened him, he would never appear in another film. He succumbed and begged for forgiveness.
    The funny thing is, if the Jews didn’t control Hollywood they couldn’t have threatened him.

    Now, let’s talk about Israel and foreign aid. I just read on wikipedia (which is jewish controlled, that in 1956 German “reparations” constituted 87.5% of Israels income. You may say that that’s a long time ago, but I say that was a very crucial period for Israel.

    [fortaleza84: How much money in “German reparations” were paid to Israel in 1956? Please give me a dollar figure and a cite to a reputable source. ]

    2011 Israel GDP was US$ 249 billion. The US gives about $3 billion in aid a year to Israel, more than to any other country.

    [fortaleza84: I will concede for the sake of argument that in 2011, Israel received 1.2 percent of its GDP in foreign aid. So what?]

    Btw, I’m opposed to all foreign aid, except for sterilization for food programs in Africa.
    The German government has paid “reparations” to Israel and to “Holocaust” survivors, and is still doing that. This year again Germany has agreed to pay 1 billion to survivors. Apart from the German government, companies also pay. And in Europe it’s not only Germany, also Switzerland, which was neutral during the war, has been milked.

    It must be interesting listening to dr. Pierce as a Jew…

    One more thing about science, before we move on to communism. Jews have indeed contributed to science. Also, they have damaged real science. Jews as Sigmund Freud, Franz Boas and the Frankfurt school a.o. have done incalculable damage to our understanding of the human mind, healthy behavior and race.

    [fortaleza84: Assuming that’s true, so what? Your argument is (or was) that financial criminals are disproportionately Jewish and therefore Jews do not create wealth, they destroy it. It follows from the same reasoning that Jews create scientific progress.]

    I believe I proved that communism succeeded in Russia because of the Jews. The theorists, the financiers, the agitators and the leaders of the movement.

    Dr. Fahey, in his authenticated work, The Rulers Of Russia quotes an American missionary stationed in St Petersburg from 1907 to 1918: “In October 1918, out of 388 members of the revolutionary government only 16 happened to be real Russians. All the rest were Jews with the exception of one negro. Many of these Jews came from the Lower East Side of New York.”

    [fortaleza84: Please name 10 of these Jews from the Lower East Side who happened to be members of the Russian revolutionary government in 1918.]

    In the interbellum years, communism was a very large and real threat to many nations in Europa, and it was a very Jewish movement. Communists were killing millions in Russia and Ukraine. National Socialism was an extreme alternative. Hitler was strongly anti-communist, in the 20s there were many street fights between commies and SA men.
    I don’t know if the National Socialists would have come to power if communism wasn’t such a big threat. It certainly played a role. The main reason industrialists backed Hitler was their fear of communism.

    Without Communism the war would have been more limited.
    WW2 started because Germany wanted the German people and German areas “heim ins Reich”. Poland, feeling confident with English and French support, refused to cooperate. When the Soviets grabbed Eastern Poland and the Baltic states, was that fine with the Western allies. That shows that Polish territorial integrity was just a pretense to start the war over. But then, Russia was Jewish controlled, as were the British and French governments. Germany was trying to break free from the Jews.
    Anyway, there were many reasons why Hitler decided to invade the Soviet Union in ’41. Two of them being his aversion to (Jewish) communism and the chance that Stalin would strike first (Russian troops had maps of German controlled areas).
    Had Russia still been ruled by the czar, I believe Hitler would have left them alone. He didn’t want war, he didn’t want to conquer the world. He just wanted Germany and peace to build up the nation. Remember, he was a National socialist, not an International socialist.

    [fortaleza84: Then why did Hitler take Austria, Poland, and the Sudetenland?]

  20. ZionistJewsAreAPlagueUponHumanity Says:

    Are jews a parasite? Check out the leeching of 2013 US taxpayer money and you decide :

    President Obama pledged to extend U.S. taxpayer-subsidized weapons to Israel even longer. One report suggested that Obama wants to give Israel as much as $40 billion in taxpayer-financed weapons through 2028.

    [fortaleza84: Are you aware that U.S. Taxpayers pay for military defense of places like South Korea, the UK, and Italy? Are you aware that we send actual American soldiers to such places? A simple yes or no will do.]


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