Is the US Israel’s Puppet? Continued

There are those who argue that the US gets involved in conflicts, particularly conflicts in the Middle East because of the influence of the Israel lobby. This seems rather unlikely for a couple reasons:

First, most of these conflicts are between side which both hate Israel. Second, Israel’s interests in the conflicts are pretty minimal compared to other peoples’ interests.

For example, consider the recent conflict in Libya. Is it really in Israel’s interests to support the Libyan rebels? How? Or consider the Persian Gulf War. If the US was there because of Israel, why didn’t the US force the Kuwaiti government to recognize Israel as a condition of getting the country back for them?

Anyway, what exactly is the evidence for the puppet hypothesis? Pretty much the only evidence is that sometimes the parties to these middle-east conflicts blame their actions on Israel and accuse the other side of being controlled by the Zionists. (Frequently both sides make this accusation against the other side.) For example, Saddham Hussein claimed that the real reason he invaded Kuwait was because he’s against Israel. But why should anyone believe this? If it’s really about Israel, why not just attack Israel in the first place rather than first grab his oil-rich neighbor which also hates Israel? Why should we believe the self-serving claims of someone willing to rob and murder, especially when those claims make little sense?


4 Responses to “Is the US Israel’s Puppet? Continued”

  1. IHTG Says:

    The answer of some of the more sophisticated paleos to this is to say, “no, the wars aren’t strictly for Israel, but they’re waged by Jewish neocons who want to be like Israel, ie, badass conquerors of the Middle East”.

    [Fortaleza84: Seems to me that’s just goalpost-shifting. Besides, Israel is far less interventionist than the United States. Has Israel ever attacked a country which wasn’t an enemy to begin with?]

  2. Peacebringer Says:

    “Has Israel ever attacked a country which wasn’t an enemy to begin with?”

    Facepalm, dude. Yes from the beginning on. It even attacks friendly states. “USS Liberty”? You appear ridiculously ill-informed.

    Is this a propaganda blog?

    [fortaleza84: Umm, are you denying that the US is far more interventionist than Israel?]

  3. Gazeta de maine Says:

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  4. Sebby Says:

    Have you seen how Chuck Hagel was grilled about Israel, one would think he is running for defense secretary of Israel instead of American, AND HE IS because Isreal has usurped the power of the American people and now commands them to die on the battlefield. Israel is a war mongering genocidal mad country with over 200 unregistered STOLEN nuclear warheads from America.

    [fortaleza84: That’s an interesting way to describe reasonable self-defense. But unsurprising given that your thinking is driven by emotion and not facts or logic. Let me ask you this: (1) How many people did Israel slaughter in the last 5 years in its “genocide”? (2) What exactly did Israel do to “monger” war recently? (3) Where’s your proof that Israel has “stolen” nuclear warheads from America?]

    God’s chosen people need money from America to get free health care, housing, and paychecks while Americans lose their home.

    [fortaleza84: Is it a problem for you that the US spends billions of dollars in the UK, South Korea, Japan, Bahrain, and so on? Or is it only a problem when the spending is on the people you hate and envy?]

    God’s chosen people mass genocide the Palestinians who have been living there for generations before Israel existed.

    [fortaleza84: How many people were the subject of this “mass genocide” and when exactly did it happen? Of course you have no evidence at all for your lies. Just be honest and admit that you hate Jewish people.]

    Did you know Palestine was a MULTICULTURAL hub of Christians, Muslims, and other religions before God’s chosen people went on a holocaust spree and genocided them? God’s chosen people need nuclear weapons, military jets, machine guns, pistols, bombs, phosphor and cluster bombs, armored vehicles, turrets, missiles, ICBMs, and a host of other weapons paid for by the hard working taxpayers of America to….. hmmm….. DO GOD’S WORK. I think I just puked in my own mouth.

    [fortaleza84: Lol, that’s an interesting way to describe reasonable self-defense. History lesson: Back in the late 40s, the UN proposed partitioning the area into 3 states. A Jewish state; and Arab state; and having Jerusalem under international control. The Jews accepted this plan. The Arabs rejected it and decided they would try to push all the Jews into the sea. Unfortunately for them, they were consumed by the same hatred and envy which infects your soul.]

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